Kees Hendrickx

Recording Artist / Producer

My Friend The Vampire

My Friend The Vampire [audio:|titles=My Friend The Vampire]

We all meet someone like this at some stage of ours lives. People love them, fall in love with them and would love to be them. But they are also people who drain people, who use them and throw them to the side. Like vampires sucking life out of people and when they are finished toss them away like

This song took me almost 2 years to finish! Madness. On the first sitting of writing the song I had the intro, verse 1 and chorus. I repeated this again but I knew it needed to go somewhere and I could not find the right section for, after many (many) tries I brought it to Tom Mac Sweeney’s studio and in one afternoon we finished the song. He helped me create the bridge section and we kept the song nice and short, just the way I like it. The electric piano doubled by an 8-bit sample instrument, the old computer game type sound. I really love that sound and it suits the overall strangeness of the song I feel.